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Hollie Schmitt, Memory Making Travel

This is the story of Hollie Schmitt of Memory Making Travel in Rubicon, Wis., who saved the day for an entire bridal party headed to Jamaica for a Destination Wedding. Hollie is the mother of 6, lives on a dairy farm, is involved with her children’s school and sporting events, and also drives a school bus.

Photo: Shutterstock, © wandee007

Photo: Shutterstock, © wandee007

The main bridal party was scheduled to leave together out of Milwaukee to get into the resort before the remainder of the group of 85 to prepare for the wedding. Hollie received a call from the airline at 11:30 pm the night before their flight was to leave, informing her of a three-hour delay. The group only had a 1.5-hour layover, so she knew she would have to do something to ensure they made their connection.

She had booked the group with Funjet and she immediately called and explained the situation. She was able to find 24 seats on a flight out of Chicago O’Hare for the same time as the flight leaving Milwaukee, allowing them to make their connection. She had Funjet reissue the tickets, and she then had to contact the bride and her bridal party—at midnight.

The wedding group had a bus lined up to take them at 3 a.m. to the Milwaukee airport, but with the change, they would now need to leave at 1 a.m. to get to Chicago. Hollie tried to reach the bus company to change the time, but was unsuccessful.

So Hollie took her own bus and prepared it for the trip to Chicago O’Hare. She met the bridal party at the bride’s home and loaded them all onto the bus. A few of the clients were a bit confused because they knew Hollie was their travel agent and couldn’t believe she would be driving the bus to take them to their wedding event. Hollie drove her group the two hours to Chicago, assisted them with check-in to ensure everything was taken care of, then hopped back on her school bus and got home just in time to drive her morning route. That is most definitely the ultimate definition of a full-service travel agent.

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